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17.06.2006, 16:01 quote


Well.. I would put a couple of mine on here but I havent worked out how to? Am I being really thick?


18.06.2006, 11:45 quote


Hey Shenshen,

I love your second piece i like the composition with all the blue tones, it really creates emotion within the piece =)

I`m a digital media designer myself so dont know if my work would be relevant =)


18.06.2006, 22:06 quote


hey, im a Specialist Traditional And Digital Fine Artist. Will be starting a degree in Specialist Fine Arts this september in London. In simple terms for those non art literate individuals....i create paintings Digitally/Traditionally, using maximum accuracy.

I understand this one seems overly high in contrast, however, the original is perfectly fine, this is just a small sample prepared for print. Created digitally:

this is a 3d abstract/conceptual piece representing something quite deep to me:

i will try upload some traditionally pieces soon


17.07.2006, 21:06 quote



17.07.2006, 21:53 quote


i use paint shop pro i can't get along with adobe at all


17.07.2006, 22:02 quote


moldypeach wrote:

That picture is absolutely amazing..I love it


17.07.2006, 22:06 quote


lmao no it's not i wish Confused
yeah i copied the lizard off a pic i had when i had my leaf tail geckos they were gorgeous


17.07.2006, 22:09 quote


I collect lizard things.

When I get my own place i'm going to try and get a lizard


17.07.2006, 22:12 quote


kool, i used to have loads but my ex took them when we split Sad now i only got my one tarantula


17.07.2006, 22:14 quote


T....arantula........? Confused


17.07.2006, 22:20 quote


yeah i used to have 9 but now just one baby red knee left, i used to love taking photo's they make great art


17.07.2006, 22:20 quote


Nicaragua wrote:
I used to have an Iguana, a Gecko, a Boss Monitor and a Bearded Dragon.

Similar story to moldypeach. I left the girl i was living with, went back a few days later to pick up my pets and the sow had sold them all, when I hear about people breaking up..I should ask if they have any lizards..?!

Sorry Sad


17.07.2006, 22:22 quote



I'm petrified of spiders & Tarantulas..


17.07.2006, 22:24 quote


lol im scared of spiders too i run a mile if a house spider is out but tarantuas are beautiful behind glass lol


17.07.2006, 22:48 quote


Anything like that really does creep me out..


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