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Old or new. Do you have any favourites? why do you like them?


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I like a quite a few. Constable, Gainsborough and Francis Danby to name a few.
Of the latter I like his paintings which seem to be either ethereal or dramatic.....

I would like to go to more exhibitions, but not many of my friends like art or are into going to galleries.


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mirrorpool wrote:
More of my favourites:-
Gustav Klimt
Oedilon Redon
Gustave Moreau
Louis Tiffany (glass)
John Waterhouse
Claude Monet
Christopher Whall (glass)
Rene Lalique (glass/jewellery)
Alan Lee( illustrator)
Cicely Mary Barker (illustrator)
Arthur Rackam (illustrator)

If I could own one painting from any in the world I would choose The Lady Of Shallot by John Waterhouse, I love it so much but never understood why it just has a resonance within my soul.

I know that painting, it is a very beautiful one, i am sure somebody used it as a CD cover, it was harp or new age music.

I know a few websites with some good pics, here is one


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henri matisse, i had to do my A-level french presentation on him, kinda stuck then and really really like his work

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