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17.07.2006, 17:29 quote


Anyone in here Play Guitar


17.07.2006, 17:30 quote


No, but I want to learn.


17.07.2006, 20:17 quote


Yes i would love to learn MORE, i have been teaching guitar for the last 11 years, and i would love to start a new FORUM just for music fans and Musicians to bounce ideas of each other and more imporantantly learn and encourage each other, Is this Possible??? Harmony


17.07.2006, 20:52 quote


i play guitar but pretty badly lol


17.07.2006, 20:54 quote


what kind of music do you like, how long are you playing the guitar


17.07.2006, 21:08 quote


Gizzemoto wrote:
what kind of music do you like, how long are you playing the guitar

is that to me?
lol i like all types of music, my dads really good at guitar so i watch n try to learn lol


17.07.2006, 21:13 quote


Its a good idea to have a forum for musicians to share ideas's but to be honest you would be better off going to one of the ones that are already established.[/quote]

Sorry mate i did`nt ask what you taught, It seems to be everything else in here, so Why not, guess you have your keen interests somwhere else


17.07.2006, 21:16 quote


Sorry about that mouldypeach, Cool is your dad playing long, Its very hard to learn off somebody who is close to you, does any of your mates play


17.07.2006, 21:17 quote


yeah i know loads of people in bands etc, my dads been playin for just over 20 years, he has taught me well but i learn better from tabs etc my fingers are too little lol that's my main problem


17.07.2006, 21:22 quote


Have you tried getting your hands on Guitar pro 4 or 5, it is one of the best Guitar programs, from learning new tabs to writting your own, it does the whole lot, I get all my students to use it, and the benifit greatly, cause they are making there own guitar songs and learning about all the other instruments too


17.07.2006, 21:29 quote


yeah lol been using it for a few months it's the best tab program i've seen and you can download more an more tabs genius lol


18.07.2006, 10:04 quote


Yeah, Its a brillant program, Great for any muscian, 10/10 Marks, So what kind of stuf are you playing on guitar, have you tried heartbeats by jose gozzalas ( think thats how you spell his name) Its a great clean finger pick song, what warm-ups do you use


18.07.2006, 11:35 quote


lol my dad taught me the walking man, but i don't warm up just play lol, i been learning greensleeves and enya marble halls, i like the picking songs lol


18.07.2006, 11:40 quote


another good one worth trying is by a band called saigon kick, Love will find away, its got the same chords as Every breath you take by the police and it will help you strech those fingers


18.07.2006, 11:44 quote


lol ta ill keep a note Smile

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