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24.05.2007, 09:38 quote


Having come back from a trip to vegas last year....awesome place btw. I decided to post this clip i found on youtube...plenty more but this goes to show you what vegas does best.....amaze it decide


24.05.2007, 14:40 quote


That was amazing! And I would definitely say that it is art. I love that song too, so the combination was wonderful. I have yet to go to Vegas, but am hoping to for my 21st birthday next July. Very Happy


24.05.2007, 22:30 quote


I'll be honest, I did only watch it for a minute , maybe min and a half .. but i really loved the water fountains ... very relaxing...... and arty


28.05.2007, 12:18 quote


cool visuals it's art


22.06.2007, 19:56 quote


can you get much for a tenner?????

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