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08.03.2007, 20:42 quote


I need to find a custom designer who can whip up a drawing for me that will be printed on tshirts soon. Everyone else I've talked to has been local (for me) and unreliable or they really can't read (I'm sure the words custom and original are pretty self explanitory). I only need one design, and I'm very picky so the design isn't really that complicated. But I need one ASAP. I'm doing a fundrasing project for my commmunity, so I make no profits out of this, though I will pay the designer.

Anybody here up? Or know anyone who can help. Obviously, where they live isn't a problem, they can just email me the design. anywhoo, thanks.


09.03.2007, 20:37 quote


It's really a rather simple design. I have a few examples of design styles or techniques that could be mimicked/copied in the design. On a black shirt, the design should be in the lower, right-hand corner of the shirt, and preferably make something go up the side to the top. Max three colours, and I don't care which ones they are. On the back I need a simple sentence there, and volia thats it. What most designers fail to note is that the examples are not the designs I want printed, they are examples of the techniques thats I would like incorparated into the design, because I think it would attract the age bracket I'm looking for (13-20somethings).

This is non-profit, tho I will pay the designer and do any advertising they will they want (within limits) such as a small logo on the shirt, signs for when I sell... etc etc. All profits go to relief efforts in Africa. I stand to make nothing off of this.

Not exactly that difficult in my opinion.


18.03.2007, 23:45 quote


I'm actually not picky on this. The majority of it is up to the designer. Here are the examples: The drip and splatter style technique below the word Silverstein here, I really like.
Here I love the vine work. In there, if you can spot it, I know it's difficult it took me a while too, it says Waking the Cadaver. I was hoping this could be worked into the design, but giving it's difficulty, I don't see it happening too easily. Alright, you're going to have click larger image and then zoom about 400% to see the design. It's a creepy looking design if you've ever seen it but I love my sweater. I like the feel of this, tho the vines coming out of the guys nose tend to scare people. But the general feel of the chaos, but it's still controlled, yah know what I mean? It's hard to describe you may have to be a 'this kind of music' lover to get it maybe... In these three shirts, I love how they right their band name... Arsonsist Get All The Girls.

And finally, I love the vine here. I was hoping something like this could climb up the side of the shirt to the top, just so it looked cool.

And that's it. It is up to the designer to take those shirts and the things I mentioned and design a shirt. I'm not picky on what happens with the design, the only time I would say I didn't like the design is if I didn't think it would sell enough shirts.[/url]


27.06.2007, 18:58 quote


Did you ever get this done?

I'm a web designer, but can turn my hand to print design too. I specialise in distressed, modern grunge design, might be able to help if you still need it done.


29.06.2007, 09:25 quote


i have designed t shirts before for a bike rally,it was fun. if you have the design would it be possible to post it up? would be nice to see

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