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05.09.2006, 07:31 quote


we meet again lmao

i write some fiction myself hehe.... i don't know if you can post it on here.... might be a bit big eh.... perhaps if you uploaded it to a webhosting site as a word file and then post the link?


05.09.2006, 07:59 quote


no probs.... file stash... i use that for sounds and all


05.09.2006, 18:36 quote


Any particular slant on your fiction ?

*Looks shifty* No officer, no kinks here...


06.09.2006, 06:29 quote


erm who u asking?


06.09.2006, 13:58 quote


i don't believe i have ever read some lesbian erotica...... hmm... let me know when you have that link ready! Twisted Evil


06.09.2006, 16:26 quote


Share and share alike....

Though I am not a prolific writer Crying or Very sad

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