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02.12.2007, 09:22 quote


who likes photography?? since i am really an amateur, i just want to know who is one and a professional photographer?


02.12.2007, 11:49 quote


I was a photographer mainly weddings as a job yonks ago. I hardly ever use a camera these days, though I prolly should. I do still enjoy snapping away sometimes.


02.12.2007, 12:39 quote


wot camera were you using?


02.12.2007, 14:14 quote


A very old Hasselblad (120 roll film) and a sturdy Practika (35mm) - both dead and gone now, I've just got a really cheap little digital camera now (Nikon) which sucks but does the job for snapping.
Once upon a time I even used a darkroom and had a collection of really old cameras that I would mend and use - about 20 yrs ago I got an old box brownie for 50p in a charity shop - there was still a film in it, so I mended the bellows and developed the film and it was amazing these people in 1960s (or 50's) clothes with an old ford anglia!
What camera have you got?
What kind of photos do you like to take?
I always used to do portraits of course when I worked but now I like landscapes more.


02.12.2007, 15:41 quote


Oh my, Timbo!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sssssoooooo jealous, what a wonderful collection.
I too had a cabinet stuffed full of old cameras that I had spent many years (and a heck of a lot of money - blimey I paid ú400 for my old hasselblad in 1981, I'm cringing just thinking about it)
Unfortunately, a while back I suffered very bad depression and *gave the lot to a charity shop* - something my son I doubt will ever forgive me for......but one does daft things in the depths of despair.......just gotta accept it and I will never, ever start another collection again!


02.12.2007, 16:08 quote


Pics of the cameras I had?
Sadly, no.


03.12.2007, 06:17 quote


were you pro at wedding photos? if so, did you have to do a course in wedding photos?


03.12.2007, 06:46 quote


both in that case, coz me aunt was telling me that i needed some letters at the end of my name, i know its about getting the confidence of both parties, and its about trying to explain the way you want and what they want from being photod galored on that special day


03.12.2007, 11:18 quote


Timbo - sorry I am still in alot of pain and taking alot of meds so brain a bit dead lately. I thought you meant like your cabinet of goodies.
No not really, I havent really made any effort at all the last few years.
None of my 'good' photos have ever been put onto the computer anyway, you know?
I had a huge slide collection of landscapes but a few years ago my mum in a fit of pique (aimed at my dad who she'd been diviorced from for nearly 30 yrs) threw the lot away.
I've moved home so many times in recent years and I travel light, afraid I've been stupid and junked most of my life's belongings as I've gone along.
Shaggy - No I've never had any training/qualifications.
It was simply a case of working for a private studio - I started out making the tea, then into the darkroom showing a bit of interest and my boss did of course give me alot of 'instruction' along the way though.


13.07.2009, 21:29 quote


My last SLR was an Olympus OM2 spot program. Old, but I had got very used to it and its limits, I used to do a lot of low light photography as I freelanced for a student fashion and music magazine in London so was at gigs a lot with my OM2 Razz


13.07.2009, 21:57 quote


I have some of the photos and 90% of the negatives. I used to shoot B&W a lot, mainly because it was easy for me to process the film and print it all at home. I sold all my darkroom stuff and SLR stuff in 2003 when I got a digital camera and put my photography interest on the back burner for a few years. Only in the last 12 months I have started taking photographs again. Where as most of my old ones were of people, I see to want to do more landscape stuff now and mainly in colour. I am going to have to catch a few sunrises before this summer is out, for sure!


08.09.2009, 20:09 quote


missleaf wrote:
i'm a photography student.

Your self portrait set is very creative, I really liked that set Very Happy


21.02.2010, 21:55 quote


and a direct link because i know this forum likes to chop pics off!!!!!!!!!

A macro pic of foam on Littlehampton beach. Possibly caused by pollution? That beach was definately polluted, I won't mention the things that were washed up on the beach!


22.02.2010, 17:29 quote


whysoserious1983 wrote:
The salt causes a lot of foaming. But whether it's pollution or not it's a great photo.

The beach had "items" on it that would suggest a sewage pipe was not far from it Laughing

I did a lot of macro shots on the beach, of the more pleasant things found on it. These bubbles though, they are like detergent or oily with all the colours in them? It didnt look right amongst the pebbles and shells but the sea was rough.

You can see me reflected in that one.


23.02.2010, 17:39 quote


gypsymoon wrote:
It just shows how even pollution has it's beauty

Perhaps you could make an instalation for the Tate Modern from all the used tampons on Littlehampton beach? Vomit

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