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23.06.2007, 20:07 quote


Love the photos- they're amazing! Very Happy


24.06.2007, 08:32 quote


love all the pics Tim, but that last one is a definite 'wow' Very Happy


24.06.2007, 11:15 quote


Makes me want to live in Shropshire. Those photos are great. Loved the last pic on the first post. Fantastic Smile


24.06.2007, 11:37 quote


Ok I amend my previous post on this one (if i amended my original you would wonder what CMISO was talking about) Apologies..I sometimes suffer from foot in mouth.

Makes me want to live in Wales.. even more than i already did Smile


02.07.2007, 14:52 quote


I suppose a pic of my ex's arse is out of the question its tasefull though. Its in black and white and I have an arts degree ? Honest Confused


04.07.2007, 09:35 quote



This one's cute Like they're lining up to go in the water tehe


04.07.2007, 10:26 quote


To large to post here

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4


04.07.2007, 10:59 quote


Ooooh beautiful, I love mountains Very Happy


26.10.2007, 18:38 quote


Biker Girl, your lovely one of the harbor looks more like Cornwall than Devon? where is it please? If you took the shack out I would have thought it was st mawes.

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