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I think classical music is great. I started playing the piano (classical) when I was about 7 and qualified as a classical pianist (not a concert pianist - I've still got 2 exams to go, don't know when I'll get down to doing them, if ever) when I was still at school in Std 9 (the year before my final year at school. I don't know whether I would have done it if it hadn't been chosen for me by my folks.

But I'm certainly very fortunate that I did do it - it's wonderful to have the skill.

Lots of people use classical music to relax with and to study by - it helps the brain to absorb more when you're studying.

Also, Mozart is good for foeti (foetuses?) to listen to in the while still in the womb (how stupid is that - where else could they be if they're still a foetus? Rolling Eyes ) it's been proven that they're more stable and intelligent if they've had Mozart played to them!

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