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23.01.2007, 14:19 quote


This is mine made it myself


19.05.2007, 11:21 quote


heres my desktop


20.05.2007, 11:26 quote


Mine is Green Day, the American Idiot album cover, downloaded off Green Days website.


20.05.2007, 12:27 quote


so show us it thennnnnnnnn!

upload it to


20.05.2007, 12:38 quote


Mine's just one of the default boring brownish picture supplied by Ubuntu when it's installed.

I used to do loads of customisation, but now I only customise things for the sake of functionality, so that it's easier and faster to do things, without looking cluttered. My favourite is being able to right-click on a video and choose "burn to disc" to create a video DVD. I wrote the script myself & made a GUI to go with it myself. The option even has a funky picture of a CD/DVD next to it. It's designed for idiots to be able to use.


20.05.2007, 17:32 quote


get rid of the ? after jpg

EDIT: ok maybe not Confused


20.05.2007, 22:23 quote


trevp66 wrote:
you're dont work still lol

thats the one your talking about right? your url was wrong Smile


21.05.2007, 03:45 quote


Mine is an aerial shot I took of downtown Chicago when I was on the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier... I miss Chicago so much Sad


16.03.2008, 12:13 quote


This is mine, was for a charity compertition and we raised loads of money, this was her before we went outside. Laughing

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