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O.k, I am going to make a big confession here and put myself out there on a limb. I used to read these from the age of 15 to about 25. Looking back, I can't help thinking that, in the past they have given me an unrealistic view of what men should be like. I suppose these books all had the same theme running through them... Girl meets boy and girl dislikes him on site, boy thinks of some reason to keep her in his life somehow and then one day the girl realises that its actually love. He sweeps her off her feet and they live "happily ever after". Now, is anybody else going to admit to reading this drivel? And.... do you think it gave you unrealistic expectations in men? Obviously I don't read them any more and I have no expectations from men but back in my 20's I so wanted to be swept off my feet by this tall, dark and handsome mills and boon hero Laughing


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I do read them still but with a view to escapism. i know there is no man like that but they make me smile with the absurdity of certain situations, but then its rather nice to just read a book and not have to concentrate fully or have the view that oh yes this must happen right now or have relevance in reality to make it a good book. I think that as long as you dont read them and think that is reality or go out looking for a man like that then its fine, after all we girls grow up with stories involving a handsome prince so we are going to be drawn into an adult world where he still exists.


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my sister read them, ...still got hundreds of them stored in the attick lol


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kizz wrote:
I so wanted to be swept off my feet by this tall, dark and handsome mills and boon hero Laughing

I'll be on the next train.......


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As a teen, my parents would have died of shock if I had been found with a M&B - bit too racy for the way I was brought up apparently hehe but my mum did read, and passed on to me, a whole library of Lucy Walker drivel....I mean books!
Basically the same stuff except very victorian values kind of thing, always the setting in the australian outback..........and my! how I too dreamt of being swept off my feet by some horse-riding galant hero!!
Can't comment on mills and boon though cuz I've never read them, just brought up to believe they were 'not acceptable' in our household??!!!!!
Maybe someone here can enlighten me?

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