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22.07.2012, 08:27 quote


Have those armpit pictures got a number under them?

If so, it might be the results of an armpit sniffing contest. 12 hours of hard work and then sniff your own armpit, the number represents the seconds it took before you passed out from the smell. Very Happy

It's a man thing...


22.07.2012, 16:04 quote


theresawalstra wrote:
An armpit sniffing contest? Majeek, you do come up with some wonderful ideas! But this one indicates that you need your head examined Wink

Not the first time I've been told that, probably won't be the last either. However, I have always thought that, if you're already insane, at least you can't go mad.


06.08.2012, 14:20 quote


MakoMW wrote:
I had one girl message me whose profile was full of photos of her laying naked on a bed and against a wall - so obviously, you could see everything apart from her breasts and her lady garden. I told her off and said "You're after a long term relationship, yet you have photos of yourself naked - how's that going to entice anyone but the guys after a shag?" But of course, I was horribly wrong, because she insisted, over a lengthy debate, that she was not naked. And why? Because she was lying on a bed.

So there you have it. Laying on a bed is an acceptable form of clothing. I'll try that at the Sleepmasters showroom.

Don't suppose you can remember the profile name? lol

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