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Thought id start a thread about your favourite home foods and why you like em Yumyum.
Ill start with a Scottish favourite of mine which is the POTATO SCONE...Also known as Tattie Scone..these can be eaten cold with heaps of butter( NOT marge ) smeared over, OR as most Scots do Fried and eaten on rolls and sausage or with a cooked breakfast...A cooked breakky isnt a cooked brekky without them..
Another favourite of mine is a Tunnocks Tea Cake...words cannot really describe them...Drooool!
OH! and Red Kola.....very good.

God nearly forgot about YUMYUMS....These are fantastic if bought from the right bakery, You can now get these down south thanks to Greggs and although traditionally they came from europe they have been eaten in Scotland for many years,I remember going to the City Bakeries Van after school and buying a YumYum.....MMMmmmm.

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