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08.11.2011, 18:38 quote


Thats a cute little story you got going on there Greystones. However, way to point out the obvious. The thing about dating sites is mate, that dating sites are shite, because the people on them make them shite.
If you wanna spice up your s e x life.. (because lets face it, thats all any of us are really on here for at the end of the day) then go out and buy yourself a prostitute, if it saves ya the annoyance of trying to get yourself some s e x.
Also, the pickup scene is dead mate. The only way to get a woman is to kidnap one and tie her up in your house Very Happy But hey don't take my advice.. Go out and try it for yourself Very Happy


08.11.2011, 18:50 quote


MakoMW wrote:
You just need to make sure that your message titles are snappy, you write an interesting message and make sure that they have something to reply to. Also helps to make your profile pretty snappy; generally, they will read your profile before they decide whether to reply or not. So make sure it's a good read.

Work on all that and you should find yourself getting more replies. Just be patient with it and don't expect instant results. Very Happy

Make them snappy.. this isn't a fuckin snapping turtles contest mate. By the sounds of it you know a lot about women! ha yea that would be like me saying I know a lot about rocket science. The case being that your talking shite mate Very Happy Story of your life eh..

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