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Did someone mention they have Brie? Why wasn't I invited? Sad


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apach3 wrote:
it would be impossible based on general relativity (one reason einstein is famous) for anything with mass to travel at the speed of light as it would require an infinite amount of energy to reach such a speed, this is supposed to be due to greater mass being gained as an object speeds up through space effectively making it heavier. an interesting point at traveling very fast, the closer you get to reaching the speed of light, the slower time becomes from your perspective (you wont age as quickly as those stationary to your perspective).

Science is changing all the time. According to the laws of Physics, the sun should never be able to burn as hot as it does, especially for such a long time.

There are things we still don't understand about the universe and we are still discovering. Give it time and no doubt someone will break the light speed barrier just as they did the sound barrier which was always considered unbreakable until then.

For example, we count in base 10 (decimal). Computers count in base 2 (binary), Octal (base 8 ) and Hex (base 16) are merely extensions of Binary. The universe has a base of infinity and this is why we cannot understand so much. If someone could use a counting method that uses a base of Pi, I am sure things like the Laws of Relativity would soon get thrown out of the window.

For example, if you count in integers, 1+1=2. Anything that lands in between 1 and 2 is beyond your comprehension so, for all intents and purposes, it is presumed impossible. When we stop counting in numbers that we understand and start counting in numbers that the universe understands, we will realise that most of our "laws" of physics are merely self imposed restrictions.

Have you ever seen a stone on the ground and gone to kick it? As you approach, you realise quite early that you will not be able to use your preferred foot and do a quick check-step. At what point did you pull out a tape and measure it? No, of course you didn't, but your brain did a visual calculation in a split second. It didn't use numbers as we know them but it still managed to do a fairly precise calculation. That's the universe's own counting system in action.


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Sounds like you need a longer quilt, one that can cover your nose and your feet at the same time.

Socks could be a solution. Although I'm not sure how you might get a sock onto your nose. Also it might be a good idea to make sure the one on your nose isn't the one that's been in your trainers all day or you might sleep a little more heavily than you intended Laughing


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You can rock yourself to sleep, it's quite easy.

First get a large rock from the garden...


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You can become immune to caffeine as I have. I drink so much coffee every day that people are surprised that I'm not bouncing off the walls and I have it strong, two spoonfuls of instant coffee in a mug. I now find that I can't sleep unless I have a coffee before bed, I know it sounds crazy because it's supposed to be a stimulant.

It doesn't matter what you do, your body will eventually adapt and counter the effects. That's probably why Red Bull doesn't affect you now.

For a REAL stimulant, try a brand of coffee called Rocket Fuel which is strong coffee mixed with Guarana. It's not called Rocket Fuel for nothing.


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Has anyone noticed on a beach how everyone is happy to go swimming in the sea and stand around in a wet costume but soon dive for cover if it rains?

I have still never been able to work out the logic.


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Acid burns so acid rain isn't cold Smile

Besides, when you're bright red from acid burns, you can always say it was a severe case of sunburn just to annoy everyone complaining about the wet weather.

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