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i'v only been on the internet for a few months now, but this word lol keeps popping up everywhere, so much so its starting to do my nut in every time i see it, i looked it up on net and it says it means laughing out loud, if this is true then i suppose i could look at it in a different light.coz its good to laugh! If thats what it does mean then its being used out of context a hell of a lot, for instance if i said to someone my grandad just died and they replied lol thats really bad news, then are they laughing at my grandad dying?

But i suspect it means something like mate, and if it does mean mate why not just say mate, its a much nicer word. And where did this word lol originate from? coz you dont hear it used on the street. I cringe everytime someone uses it on hear, If you use the word lol then PLEASE dont be offended by what i'v written above or take it personally in any way, each to his own thats what i say! I'm sure its supposed to be the "cool" thing to do on the internet, but i wont be using it , so i suppose that means i'm not cool, Oh well! remember please dont take offence and start jumping down my throat, coz i know i'm out numbered to the amount of people that use lol, im not trying to start a riot, so just chill for a minute, before you come back at me, peace out lol,


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lol started as text speak, it was easier to type then hehe/haha etc..

i personally dont like the word, how often do you actually laugh out loud.
but it doesnt really bother me if people use it


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i must of missed the joke then when people have used the word lol with me, so how do you explain the out of context bit i wrote about above, do people who use it not know what it means either?


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lol...Very Happy

bobby25 wrote:
i must of missed the joke then when people have used the word lol with me, so how do you explain the out of context bit i wrote about above, do people who use it not know what it means either?
Very Happy


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its still a miserable sounding word, don like it one bit, hope it goes out of fashion soon.


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Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop


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Must you keep mentioning that, i'm sure your trying to get a rise out of me . just leave lt alone, coz i have, its done and dusted mate

quote="Feckitanyway"]Aradon has hit the nail on the head,... it just saves time explaining that you are saying something with a bit of humour,.... so it avoids unpleasantness,.. much like whe when you went a bit mental at someone yesterday,.. lol

See, it works!![/quote]


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I agree!


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In hospital suffering from fractured skull from falling over laughing so much?


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Laughing whats wrong with using yellow smiley face instead of writing lol Crying or Very sad i cant take it anymore!


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lol is outdated, rofl is where it's at


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Pmsl ..... Hee hee Very Happy


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so when she says i'v been single 3 years whats wrong with me! she is laughing at the end of it, right? or wrong? coz i dont think its funny, i think it's a travesty that such a talent would be wasted for so long.

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