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I thought it was only moles that are naturally hemophiliac which is why a thorny stem in their hill would be enough to kill them.

The only reason I have been told not to put a wheel in a Gerbils cage is that they can actually run themselves to death on it. Silly animals don't have the intelligence to side step to get off it, they instinctively try to outrun it instead.


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scriptwriter wrote:
Wheels are fine, as long as they're not the metal rung ones.

One of the wheels I used in the past was plastic. I have had 4 gerbils die in wheels. With such ingratitude for a positive contribution to an advice-seeking thread I will now revert to writing in Hindi: रोअस्त गेर्बिल्स...!!!!!

Gerbils chew plastic into tiny pieces. My friend had one die from ingesting the plastic, presumably getting the plastic caught in it's throat. I would guess that yours may have gone the same way. It's best to give them a few toilet roll or kitchen roll cores to chew on, they tend to pad their nest with that. A lump of wood is also a good thing to put into the cage so they have something to chew on that may last for a while.


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Hamsters: Great on toast with a splash of Lee&Perrins

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