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17.05.2011, 20:07 quote


Could I ask any girls on here a big favour...or even guys for that matter. I'm sure you all know Digirex (AKA Rb2010, Digitrex etc. etc.)...

Basically, I was wondering if some of you could respond with what you really think of this pathetic pr*ck! I'm sure he annoys alot of you, and he likes to post insults on my GB about how wonderful he is with the ladies etc., & racist comments on other, I thought it was time to give him a reality-check & voice what we all think of him so he can SEE for himself once and for all!


17.05.2011, 21:36 quote


Well, he doesn't really bother me, & as Shere92 says he would make it interesting if it wasn't for the stuff I've seen him write on other people's profiles - most of them insults but some racist remarks, and harrassing girls repeatedly. He just creates new profiles if he gets reported, so I thought people could leave their own comments of what they think of him so I can show him...and basically 'destroy' the freak once and for put it bluntly! Ha.


17.05.2011, 22:49 quote


Haha...well, I was just thinking of crushing his self-esteem as he seems to think he's great with the women, but I wouldn't say no to any of these other suggestions.

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