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16.03.2011, 11:34 quote


Recieved this one today....How daft do they think i am? I know from my profile pic i probably look like a real simpleton or the village idiot but even i spotted this one from lokilove 27 from liverpul?????

I am definitively studied your profile and I really liked it, I'm looking for a man to create a family, if you want to know about me more in the future to create a family with me, write me at my email address:


Oh my god your all ive been waiting for, where have you been all my life eh? Im sooo loooking forward to getting into your panties and making you all wet and we can just wait for the babies to start popping out. Ill send you all my details and i will give you access to my bank so you can book a flight and come live with me and we can have soooo many babies together, im thinking about 10-12 to start with. You can contact me on see you soon big kisses to ya.....oh i really cant wait!.

Now its time to have some fun with them,if there gonna waste my time then its only right i return the favour.


16.03.2011, 19:40 quote


zacktelstar wrote:
I love how scammers write and their ideals, it is sooooo sexy yet wholesome. Definitively studying your profile; late at night chewing the arms of their glasses, coffee on the go. Making notes then crossing them out, little sketches of possible family photos. Then tousling their lustrous hair, flexing their loins, a delicate hand beginning to slip down below the waistline imaging the ecstasy of a ravishing from their mysterious subject...then dispelling such fantasies; focusing, and getting back to the graft of the study.

The only fantasies that they are having are of fleecing someone out of a few hundred quid for the airfare which was obviously never booked in the first place.The SAD thing is there are people out there who genuinly believe they have found their ideal soulmate and are blinded by the obvious scam and end up giving over money which they cannot afford.It clearly says in my profile that i will NOT give any money for any reason and being a tight Scotsman handing out my hard earned cash just aint gonna happen EVER.
Some of the girls profile pics are stunning though and you end up thinking to yourself Jeebus if only this wasnt a fake profile, but a note of realism needs to heeded.

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