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09.02.2008, 15:33 quote


I think there’s a huge difference between telling a whole story in 6 words, and summing up ones life in 6 words.

Hemingway’s "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn" really does tell a whole story, it is a literary masterpiece – it encourages one to ponder what the story behind the words might have been, which is what one assumes he was trying to achieve.

/* I once wrote my profile in six words (as some here might remember) but they probably didn’t know that I’d used Hemingway’s $10 bet story as the template for it:
Wanted: girl, must like dogs */

To sum up my own life in 6 words: Rock paper scissors (I lost again)


09.02.2008, 17:15 quote


riojalibre wrote:
I think you're right - there is a huge difference, and I think both would make interesting posts.

Splitting hairs, but isn't "Wanted: girl, must like dogs" only five words? What's the missing word - I'm curious!

Ooops, sorry, was in a rush when I typed it (silly me, trying to be all feminine and multi-task); there was an 'a' missing, as in "Wanted: a girl, must like dogs" (it's not very original, I purloined it from a musician friend - and applied literary licence to it)


10.02.2008, 10:29 quote


riojalibre wrote:

I was thinking the missing word might be 'hot', and that it belonged after love.

Nah, I'm a simple soul, have no high expectations. A girl would do. Or even a woman Very Happy

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