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29.08.2006, 14:34 quote


Ok, lets hear about the dreams, or nitemares u had last nite, whether it be erotic, scary, strange, etc.


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ok all u shy people, afraid to let us know about your dreams...

i dreamed i had my choice of 2 guys, which btw is true, but in the dream, one was extra goodlooking the other plain but a sweetheart...i picked the gl one and started crying, then woke up, oh crap what does that mean


29.08.2006, 16:19 quote


the only person who can figure out your dreams is you, they after all your dreams and it's your mind trying to come to terms with whatever is eating u, (whether u realise it or not), not all dreams HAVE to be figured out, just the ones that recur, (means the sub-concenience needs a little help) so don't dwell on them, just enjoy them.


29.08.2006, 16:21 quote


very true, and i know what my dream actually is telling me haha......but the main topic is What was yours?????????


29.08.2006, 16:29 quote


can never remember dreams, so i figure that means in so mentally balanced i don't need them. or else there so distressing i block them out. either way works for me!!!!!


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Everyone dreams, without exception, but it's not unusual for people to neverr recall them. I frequently have very vivid dreams but haven't had one for a little while. My last one to leave a lasting memory is too horrible and still upsetting now even tho' it was months ago so I'll decline the invitation to recall here thanks


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(psychology) Pertaining to mental activity beyond the level of consciousness

my belief is the subconscious doesnt exist, you are either conscious of something or your not, if your not then it is unconscious, not subconscious, but like i say, its just my belief im not saying its right.

i dreamt my best mate told me he slept with my ex whilst i was still with her, kind of odd since i know neither of them are the type to do that and neither of them did.


23.09.2006, 09:31 quote


the last dream i remember was months ago......

i was in the house with the kids and all of a sudden there was really really loud banging on the door. we just sat there for a minute wondering what it was. when i looked out the window i could see a giant bear at the door trying to get in. i ushered the kids upstairs to the bathroom, told them to lock the door and sit in the bath with the curtain drawn to hide them.

i stood in the hall upstairs with a knife just in case the bear got in...... which it did. it came bounding up the stairs. a more angry bear i have never seen. dreams tend to twist things out of reality and you could not even imagine how scary this bear was. i screamed and ran at it with the knife. then all of a sudden myself and the kids had climbed out the window in the upstairs hall and were sitting on top of the porch that runs vertical to my house........ except my son wasn't there. he was on the ground in the front garden.

he walked out to the road. and the bear came running after him. i scrambled to get down and save him but it would be too late. i knew that. the bear got to within six inches of my son when a car pulled up and snatched my son off the road and into the car. they drove away............ and i woke up.

i guess my dream was telling me that i feel incompetent as a parent. that on my own as i am i don't feel safe bringing children up. that i could not protect them from harm.

it's every parent's nightmare i suppose.

but it was horrible.....and it has now turned into a recurring dream.


23.09.2006, 11:03 quote


I dreamt in the early hours of this morning that i met up with my real dad. I haven't seen him since I was about 14, he died when I was 17 adn I have NEVER dreamt of him beofre. It was bizarre. He would have walked passed me if i hadn't said hello. I woke up feeling slightly icky and with a headache and out of sorts. Feel even worse now.


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26.09.2006, 08:30 quote


I dreamt of a blond girl with shiney pouting lips.

One could say, she was almost perfect except she wasn't real.

Crying or Very sad


26.09.2006, 09:21 quote


i beg to differ! i am most certainly real!!!

oh what's that? it wasn't me? oh. ok. *removes foot from mouth and hobbles away slowly hanging head low hiding red red face*


26.09.2006, 23:02 quote


i dream of falling off curbs........

which fits in well with my fear of curbs really ha.


20.05.2007, 15:18 quote


I dreamt it was next week and I'd forgotten to go visit my friend. I woke up and checked the date.


20.05.2007, 15:40 quote


I know what, I'm not saying Embarassed

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