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that was very good and entertaining. i'm sure you'll have buckets of luck with your authoring career. i would upload some of my own work but it's far too long lol. 44700 words last count. Razz


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It didn't take much to work out the plot HO, but it had me gripped and was disappointed it ended so soon. I think it has the potential to make it into a much longer story with the doctor as the hero of the day. But please, no adding a love interest!!! lol

What are the titles of the ones you've had published? It would be interesting to look them up and have a read. Oh, and you're name would be useful too Very Happy


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Hungryone wrote:
That's for taking your time to read my work. like I said it is at the moment a work in progress. Never seem to have enough time to work on it though. I agree it could be expanded and if I do I know I could make the plot a bit better with the ending a bigger more shocking twist.
As for my other work, doubt you'll find either story. They were published while I was at college as part of my English A-Level work. My lecturer got fond of my stories and asked if she could send three of them to a publisher she knew who helped young author's get into the field. Two were selected: "David" which was a twisted horror about someone wiith a murderous alter ego and "The Dig" another horror set in Mexico, the latter one was my best. Revolved around a team of investigators sent to find out what happened to a group of archeologist's that mysteriously vanish while at a dig site. They were published in two seperate omnibus editions's of short horror's but I can't for the life of me remember what the title of the books were.

Well done having them published, but how come you didn't buy the books that they were in?!!!


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i just thought i'd give you the first page of my own work in progress..... it's progressed quite nicely so far but it's still only the first draft....well here goes................................(by the way the 3/4 marks are supposed to be - marks but for some reason they dont show up here lol.)

Not many people truly believe in all the dark against the light out there. I know. Iíve seen it. Itís like a mist that shimmers around all things good. The more you notice it, the less you notice all the good itís surrounding. Sometimes, I think it will grow so dense that it will choke the life out of us all. Thatís where I come in.
My name is Maria Sanders. Iím a professional bounty hunter of both normal and paranormal criminals. I have a small office in a run down old building. Not swanky, you understand. We donít want to advertise our presence. Anybody who needs to know about us will. My boss is Alec. Heís a real good guy. And my hero to boot.
He taught me everything I know ĺ but not everything he knows to hear him tell it. I met Alec when I was a fresh-faced, innocent seventeen year old. Well, as innocent as any seventeen year old can be. My parents had died the previous year in a traffic accident and I was working two jobs to keep myself alive ĺ it was a pretty weird meeting.
There I was, crouched in the corner of a filthy alleyway protecting the prone body of my best friend, Ciara. She had just been attacked by a ĺ wait for it ĺ vampire. I had never even contemplated their existence. Now I regularly haul their asses to jail ĺ since some swarthy politician thought it would benefit the human race to have them made legal citizens. Yeah, that worked out great!
All of a sudden, the three vampires were just so much dead meat on the gravel. My rescuer ĺ Alec ĺ took me back to his place to treat me for shock and I pestered him until he gave up and trained me. Iíve never looked back since ĺ it only scares me when I realise how quickly the monsters are gaining!
I often wonder if things would have worked out differently had Alec just told me to get lost.
Would I now still be a healthy-minded twenty two year old ĺ nearly ó working two jobs to keep myself alive? Or would I be a bitter woman with tortuous nightmares of fanged attackers in a dirty alleyway, not able to hold down a job at all? Hmm, I wonder. Neither sounds half as exciting as my life now. But both are infinitely less dangerous.
Just two months ago I sustained a minor ó according to whom? ĺ injury. I ended up with seventeen stitches in my forearm. Thatíll look good on my wedding day. Hey, a girl can dream cant she?


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thanks for the stories...decided to copy and paste so as to read later on..


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hmmm so long as you don't steal it lmfao


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almostpurrrfect wrote:
hmmm so long as you don't steal it lmfao

would i do a thing like that...good point should copyright


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the thing about authors is this... you don't have to copyright your work... it's already copyrighted from the second you start with once upon a time. lmao.


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ladytracexx wrote:
excellent start Mandy.... hmmmmm got me in the mood for more two then.......................

I had just put in a particularly grouling night at the office and was on my way home to feed my pet snake, Furry. He likes a mouse cut in half and heated in the microwave every Tuesday night. There was a paper clip somewhere in the vicinity of my bra, and it was killing me slowly. I donít have a huge chest and I could feel the damn thing digging into my ribs as I walked.
I was walking because I had destroyed my second car in as many months that very day. Hey it wasnít my fault that someone threw a flaming bottle of gasoline at it! Jesus, some people got very antsy when you hauled in their friend/partner/fellow vampire/werewolf/whatever. I just do my job to the best of my ability. I happen to be very good at it. Iím not just saying that either.
I called into the pizza parlour on my way and got myself a flamer. Lots and lots of jalapeno peppers! It was getting cold as I trudged along in my sensible flats. I keep a pair of stilettos in my desk. Smart, huh? The autumn was announcing its arrival with aplomb. All the leaves were turning an attractive shade of gold and some of them crunched underfoot as I rounded the corner to my apartment.
The light was on. I got a chill lodged at the small of my back. I shuddered as it made its way along my spine. I did not leave a light on when I left that morning. I never leave a light on. Iím too thrifty. Someone was in my home. I was sure of it. What was I gonna do about that?
I got my gun out of its holster and gripped it loosely. It was a good fit for my small hand. A .38. I didnít usually carry it on me. Guess I was lucky I destroyed another car today. As I reached the parking lot I could see little shards of glass shining below the fire escape leading to my bedroom window. Damn. I was gonna have to pay for that. Just what I needed, a punk who breaks my window instead of picking the lock like any self respecting professional would.
The lobby was sparsely lit but clearly empty. I wasnít taking any chances on the elevator. I glanced at the fire stair door. Running up three flights of stairs would definitely constitute as my exercise for the evening. The stairs it is, I thought as I nudged open the heavy steel door. It was all shadows as I slowly followed my gun hand up the bare concrete steps. Newel posts loomed out at me seeming for all the world like deranged, window breaking, madmen. Iím sure I let out a few squeaks.
Nothing. The stairs were all clear. Nothing more sinister than a stray cat that nearly knocked me down the first two flights. I was sure that whoever it was had to be either still in the apartment or long gone. Which do you reckon I was hoping for? Damn right, I hoped the little creep was still there! I wanted to rough him up some before I made him pay for my window.
I held my breath as I approached my closed door, slipping the key into the lock and turning it slowly. It expelled in a violent, angry rush as I glimpsed what lay beyond it. My open plan living room and kitchen were in a total upheaval. Every book I possessed was now just remains. All the pages were torn out and thrown willy-nilly about the place. My couches were slashed and had what appeared to be excrement smeared all over them. The walls were smeared with it too. And the floors. That wood will never be shiny again, I thought as I tried to avoid stepping in it.
It was obvious that whoever had done this had taken their sweet time and was long gone. Furniture was overthrown or broken or both, drawers were emptied and traipsed on, my bed was ripped and littered with the contents of my trash can. Ugh. It was absolutely disgusting. I was trying not to heave, but it wasnít easy. The smell was atrocious. I could have cried when I saw my clothes. All my lovely, expensive, die-for clothes were so much rags. My Armani suits had no sleeves or legs. My fancy dresses were snipped in half. My underwear was now just scraps of silk and lace. Even the clothes in my laundry hamper were defiled.
Nothing was sacred. My bath was overflowing and my sink was cracked. I left just as quickly as I came. I collected poor Fluffy, who was hiding under a smashed chair in the living room. I called the police as soon as I reached the hallway. Detective Alex Harrison was on the scene within ten minutes. Just in time to talk me out of a homicidal rage. I was livid. Who would do such a thing? I could think of plenty. But only one that had recently been let out of prison with a grudge the size of Mount Everest.
Malcolm Jones. Rapist. Murderer. Thief. Werewolf. It had to be him. I just knew it. He had been arrested for receiving stolen goods a couple years ago and decided he didnít want to do the six months he would have received. In fact, he didnít even want to turn up for court. I caught up with him at his late night poker game and hauled him in, shackled in silver chains. He wasnít too happy. They gave him three to five for a manslaughter he had committed while on the loose. He served two. Not fair I hear you say. Lifeís a bitch. Second thing you learn as a bounty hunter. First thing you learn as a vampire hunter. Welcome to the world.


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Have read both Mandy. WOW!!! Keep at it girl, you're fantastic. When the book gets published, i expect an autograph Wink


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IF i send it off and IF the person recommends it to an editor and IF it does get published....... of course you can have an autograph lol.


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If i send it off and IF the person recommends it to an editor and IF it gets published...of course you can have an autograph!! lol

just let me know if you want a further i said i have 44700 words of it written..................

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