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27.06.2008, 22:26 quote


Serves you right, you cruel bastard, shame about the elephant's aim! Evil or Very Mad


28.06.2008, 00:34 quote


Oh alrighty then, I'll let you off....just this once!


28.06.2008, 01:05 quote


Yeah, I can imagine! Laughing

When my mum was pregnant with me, she got:
Bitten on the belly by a horse
A hippo squirted his muddy shite all over her belly
A baboon bit her on the belly as well...(they lived in africa by the way)

When she was pregnant with my sister......the Pope blessed her belly!!!

Then about 5 yrs ago a flipping tiger turned his back on me and sprayed my face with pee!

I've been laughed at all my life! Ruddy zoo animals... Sad

PS that reminds me, did you ever see that old tv advert cant remember what for, the elephant that the school kid teases with a bun, then the boy's a man and an adult elephant whacks him one, presumably the elephant grew up with a good memory!

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