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28.08.2006, 21:10 quote


what did u dream last nite, whether it be a nitemare, regular dream, erotic dream.etc.

I will start, last nite i got a pic of a friend of mine that is a homicide cop in another city...we had been flirting and joking with other people all night. Well went to bed thinking of him( i know should be thinking tony) and dreamed we met at La jolla beach(which we did talk about), no one was around, we slowly undressed each other, looked into each others eye(omg what eyes) pulled each other to the sand just at the edge of the water and well, ummmm er i let u all figure the rest...omg, woke up quite damp all over. heheheh


10.10.2006, 19:15 quote


I dreamt I saw ghost

it was a big ugly hideous thing and it frightened the life outta me

then I realised I was looking in the mirror! Very Happy

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