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24.09.2010, 20:34 quote


Hi to anyone that bumbles into my little blog of sorts. I just wanted to write really and say how tiring it is being single and not being able to enjoy the things you love doing because they are boring when you're alone. I'm 33 and it seems my days are passing me by in a stream of bad luck, bad relationships and bad people. I don't know why but I feel quite a bit of negativity from people who I meet, although I would love the world to be happy and why can't it be??? That is what tires me! So, I'm just looking for a guy that loves the outdoors and is also someone that I fancy!!! is that too much to ask? I'm thinking it is. ooooooo what is wrong with people that they cannot just enjoy and not take the piss out of people by the way they look/act etc? I can't even work at the moment because it seems I always get myself in trouble at interviews, especially when women interview me. They always have some sort of superficial superiour attitude and it stinks! That is the trouble with people in this country...the whole 'superiour' attitude is just not necessary...nor is a 'patronising' or 'condescending' attitude necessary.

Just being honest, relating to people and being a good role model is the way forward don't u think? Lets face it, the older you get...the more responsibilities you hold, especially when it comes to teaching the younger generation about life as they are the people who will be looking after you in the future.

Also, when it comes to relationships...yes normally they don't work out but we should all try to learn something from them (not love guys!!).

This is what shapes us as individuals.


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