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08.03.2007, 00:11 quote


if you did not copy and paste that you really need to get out more!!!!!!!


08.03.2007, 00:15 quote



I am awarding you the Flirtbox 'need to get out more' award for this evening! Wink


08.03.2007, 00:22 quote


haha i was trying to read it and getting very annoyed.. and skipped to the bottom and hoped that there was a point or joke there...


08.03.2007, 10:03 quote


some poor f*cker had to sit there and write all that out Confused


17.04.2007, 10:22 quote


managed one line!


07.05.2007, 18:22 quote


And I thought I needed to get out more.


07.05.2007, 19:58 quote


god you guys are giving me a headache trying to read that.. hahaha

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