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10.12.2009, 07:20 quote



Are you ticklish?


14.12.2009, 06:36 quote


Yes. In the States, hopefully.

Are you scared of flying?


15.12.2009, 00:47 quote


No. Couldn't I tempt you with anything to wake up for? Wink

Do you have a nickname?


15.12.2009, 00:59 quote


Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on. Yes.

Will you be with lots of people at christmas?


15.12.2009, 22:36 quote


Yes. Tom & Gerry, Bugs Bunny still make me laugh! If by cartoons you also mean Simpons, Futurama then def.

Do you like perfume/scent on a woman/man?


16.12.2009, 00:54 quote


I do.

But do you think the pic.would be better if your face were looking more directly at the camera?


16.12.2009, 02:43 quote


Not better aestetically just so i can see LV's features better. Wink


20.12.2009, 18:26 quote


hell no hes a nice enough lad but his voice annoys me

do you believe in santa?

(he could be real)


22.12.2009, 04:11 quote


Never seen them.

Do you play Wii tennis?


26.12.2009, 21:13 quote


yes very much so new year, new start, new man (still working on the man part )

did you get a present for christmas that you didnt like but had to pretend you did so you didnt look bad and if so what was it?


12.01.2010, 00:11 quote


yes always but i dont think you trying to fly a giant paper aeroplane is going to work out well lets just hope it dont rain eh.

do you know dave?

damn you im to slow haha


12.01.2010, 01:25 quote


Big Dave(Tubs) from The Grapes, yeah , everyone knows Dave. Very Happy


14.01.2010, 14:07 quote


you didnt ask a question damn it haha

have you ever made a cow cry?


22.01.2010, 12:20 quote


on the odd occasion

have you ever ate kangeroo?


17.07.2010, 08:21 quote


No. Well the day is a third through and not done about 4 things i wanted to get done because i'm larking about on here! Sad

Do you smile at people in the street because your happy?

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