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06.03.2009, 16:10 quote


yes and no for different reasons

have you ever woken up in your neighbours front garden?


19.03.2009, 23:28 quote



do you press the magic button?


11.06.2009, 19:41 quote


yes i think so, although it has been suggested otherwise.....

salt n vinegar flavoured nuts?


12.06.2009, 09:25 quote


No I just dont believe in god Laughing


13.06.2009, 08:34 quote


Most of the time

Going for long drives in the summer?


13.06.2009, 17:17 quote


I try but definitely cut down my sugar intake this year...

Do you like long telephone calls?


18.06.2009, 13:39 quote


No. Not been into football since I was a tomboy. lol!

Are you a closet Trekkie??? Wink


21.07.2009, 20:42 quote


it really has been the worst year so far

has made atleast one really good friend from flirtbox?


22.07.2009, 18:29 quote


nope, same old

likes peanut butter


03.08.2009, 23:00 quote


Yes and jolly good it was too

Do you like to watch sunrises?


04.09.2009, 20:51 quote


Unfortunately not.
Have you ever felt the two of you could be completed without the rest of the world?


06.09.2009, 18:09 quote


If you mean like have I met some one who made me feel as if they were all I could ever need from a person then yes I have.

Have you ever got up very early and gone somewhere purposely to watch the sunrise?


13.09.2009, 07:50 quote


Only at weekends, seeing as I am at work weekdays Laughing

Do you have a cooked breakfast on sundays like I usually do?


03.10.2009, 21:16 quote



Have you ever met anyone from this site ?


09.12.2009, 13:27 quote


i used to when i was younger was a bit of a tom boy used to read the beano and dandy wonder if they still do them!

do you have all your fingers and toes?

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