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21.04.2007, 09:40 quote


ill give you a 10 as you have lovely hair and your a sweetie


21.04.2007, 12:20 quote


A 9. Cazz loses a point out of sheer jealousy on my part. I want those curls!! Wink


21.04.2007, 12:49 quote


9 great smile


21.04.2007, 12:58 quote


8 - A 'normal' looking bloke who looks a bit of a cheeky chappy. Nothing wrong with that!


21.04.2007, 17:07 quote


7 out of 10 as you are so young


21.04.2007, 17:24 quote


its personal choice i think you are an attractive young man but i find the mature handsome face to the young handsome face


21.04.2007, 17:56 quote



21.04.2007, 18:09 quote


i give doctor fosters a 10 coz he has a beard and a nice camera and i know hes a nice man!


21.04.2007, 18:13 quote


Hmmm and id let you! ha ha


21.04.2007, 18:38 quote


Awwww Thank you *blushes*


21.04.2007, 18:51 quote


i will go 8, very lovely eyes.


21.04.2007, 20:29 quote


I give a 9- great smile and very cute hair- Cazza

And I think there is some love in the air too Ya winkles


21.04.2007, 20:33 quote


Lost- give you a 9 as well. The pic is centered, clear lighting, and can see your whole face.


22.04.2007, 01:00 quote


I'll give Loubs a 9 .. nice piccie but not very clear


22.04.2007, 09:08 quote


Oooh another fan for Cazza i se! ha ha ha

Ill give you an 8, as you are smiling and the pic is clear!

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