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28.10.2010, 21:41 quote


Yes (but I haven't got anyone to go out with)

Have you ever eaten Pumpkin Mash?


04.11.2010, 14:07 quote


no not realy i find them rather annoying cant keep up a conversation but they are good at keeping away any annoying neighbours

if you had 3 arms would you get one amputated to be more normal


07.11.2010, 20:40 quote


yes i admit it im sorry mum! when i was 14 i robbed a lip gloss from asda because i never had enough pocket money im so very ashamed of myself

have you ever got undressed infront of the window knowing people may be watching you?


02.01.2011, 17:11 quote


No, I have forgotten to take other things, but fortunately not the tent.

Do you like to do that tango?


03.01.2011, 15:21 quote


Yes - I've heard it said that's when your spirit is travelling and your body needs it back urgently, don't know how true it is.

Would you like to have a fling with a superstar?


04.01.2011, 16:40 quote


Yes, absolutely - let's kill them all and let anarchy reign!

Do you think that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is still alive?


05.01.2011, 04:05 quote



do u like eating


05.01.2011, 10:05 quote


Yes, absolutely (or NO, absolutely not if it's something that had a face - like meat or fish or chicken)

Do you think that women rule the world better than men do?


07.01.2011, 15:23 quote


Yes, 'fraid so, haven't gone running every day this year.

Are you personally planning on taking over the world this year or next year?


12.01.2011, 20:50 quote


No, but I'll make a note of it.

Do you think that Nelson Mandela will die this year?


13.01.2011, 10:56 quote


No, they're great, there's no mistaking that, but I'm afraid the panda, especially babies have my vote

Would you like to be at the beach today, soaking up the sunshine and checking out all those sun-bronzed bodies?


13.07.2011, 15:35 quote



can you fall in love with me?


19.01.2013, 02:46 quote



have you ever poked a dolphin o.o

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