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08.09.2006, 09:42 quote


I think it's allready being discussed here my mate


08.09.2006, 11:49 quote


tpam thinks everyone deserves to be happy


08.09.2006, 12:03 quote


we do lol tpam likes led zeppelin Very Happy


11.09.2006, 22:03 quote


tpam is wrong..its still


12.09.2006, 10:36 quote


tpam is desperately trying to rekindle the fun of this thread Very Happy


12.09.2006, 10:56 quote


tpam has just made me laugh and spill my cornflakes all over key pad,, Very Happy


12.09.2006, 11:07 quote


tpam made me laugh at his misfortune Very Happy and offers a cloth to help clean up Smile


12.09.2006, 11:09 quote


the person above me has shown me a kindness thats has made me cry over my keyboard and ruin it for second time today Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


12.09.2006, 11:11 quote


tpam still has me giggling so suggests a new keyboard may be a good idea prefferably with a potable brolly Very Happy


12.09.2006, 11:15 quote


tpam suggestion has been taken on board and a new keyboard (plastic covered) with a brolly is arriving shortly.,, thanks amazon (LOL) .....

tpam could become the new edison,,, inventions such as rain proof ( or in my case tear and cornflake proof) keypads deserve a place in the history book (LOL)


12.09.2006, 11:21 quote


tpam has flattered me lolz but nope i'm no edison just maybe think in slightly creative ways Very Happy


12.09.2006, 11:24 quote


tpam is way too self effacing ,,, and hides her light under the bush,,,
show the talent girl, xxx


12.09.2006, 11:56 quote


tpam is a mislead as musicman hahaa Very Happy


12.09.2006, 23:13 quote


tpam enjoys having a video profile..


15.09.2006, 13:25 quote


tpam loves the fun and games forum to cure boredom Very Happy

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