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Have not done Karaoke for a long time now but back when I used to do it, I had a couple of songs I used to do.

Desperado - Eagles.
Lyin' Eyes - Eagles.
True Love Ways - Buddy Holly.
Down in the Boondocks - Billy Joe Royal.
King of The Road - Roger Miller.

Because of my strange voice range, I found many Buddy Holly songs suited me best but I can go down low, (hence King of the Road), so I used to duet as a bass singer as well. I can go very high too if necessary, (Lion Sleeps Tonight style), but it seems there's a gap in the middle that I just can't hit without my voice cracking.


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scriptwriter wrote:
I tried singing The Village People's 'Y.M.C.A' in Russian in Moscow, but I couldn't do the arm gestures for the letter Й properly so it ruined the performance.

You would have some real fun if you tried it in Chinese then Smile

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