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Home >> Fun & Games >> why do men never go for whats inside instead of outside??

17.02.2010, 17:52 quote


I always go for what's inside....the large flat screen tv's, sound systems, jewellery in the bedrooms, it all sells well on ebay! UT


18.02.2010, 17:10 quote


itae wrote:
We cant have love with your personality.

Also, im sure you wouldnt be posting this if you were good looking.. As is always the way, and im sure if you suddenly found beauty you would be looking at the face before the personality. Just as we all do. I dont care if you can make me laugh 24/7 and occupy my mind 24/7 if you're dog ugly and have more bingo wings than KFC.

Oh come on how has no one quoted this yet! I found it hillarious!

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