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08.02.2010, 20:28 quote


what would you do for a million pound similar to before just answer the previous question with yes or no then ask your own, i will start it off

would you leave and never see your whole family again for a million pound?


08.02.2010, 23:22 quote


hell yeh id eat them for a tenner mmmm wriggly

yould you lick a 80 yr old mans bum hole for a million?


09.02.2010, 21:23 quote


yeh i would but i cant realy swim but hey i will try for a million

would you eat live frog for a million smackers


16.02.2010, 16:12 quote


erm well i will try haha bes i can do

would you get your left hand amputated for a million?


18.02.2010, 18:27 quote


No. I think i'd pay a million to not have to ever listen to it!

Would you eat just lentil soup 3 times a day for a year?


21.02.2010, 22:00 quote


probably live naked for a year, even outside! No matter how many times i'd be prosicuted for indecent exposure!

Would you spit on the queen for a million?


02.03.2010, 12:21 quote


aw stu i would do that for a kitkat and a bag or haribo eggs

would you have an op to get a permanent fully functioning colostomy bag attatched to yourself for a million


03.03.2010, 02:04 quote


Yes...if I could add some Ribena cordial to it to mask the taste as much as possible!!!

Would you throw a shoe at George W. Bush whilst he's giving a live speech???


03.03.2010, 02:17 quote


Sorry, forgot to add...with the certainty thatyou would be jumped by his hefty body-guards...or Tony Blair!!!


09.03.2010, 11:26 quote


hell no, no ammount of money is worth risking my life

would you be able to chose someone/anyone to die like just drop dead painless for a million?


13.03.2010, 11:33 quote


nah i wouldnt degrade myself not worth it

for a million would you lick cheese whizz of a tramps toes every last bit

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