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This is a game I used to play on another forum....I've copied the rules from there:
1. The length of each word must be 4 or 5 letters.
2. The possible moves are:
a) change one letter (see rule 10);
b) add one letter;
c) remove one letter.

You may not rearrange the letters in the word.

It is perfectly legal to change a letter which has just been added, just as it is also valid to remove a letter which has just been changed and add a letter to the same space from which one has been removed. You may not challenge a move and make a move at the same time. If you wish to challenge then you must wait until the challenge is resolved before play continues.

If you are challenging, please use the word "challenge" in your post.
3. No proper names -- i.e. those starting with a capital at -- and no acronyms. Words with apostrophes or full stops are invalid. Abbreviations in WWWebsters that have terse entries (like dict, calc etc.) are also illegal moves. A word must be an entry in its own right in the DoC (note that this excludes words appearing only as prefixes or combining forms such as "meta-" and "citro-").

4. Non-UK English spellings are only allowed in the case of non-UK English words. See rule 5.

5. English words only. This includes American/Australian/etc English. No archaic, slang or colloquial words. See rule 4.

6. Be prepared to justify the meaning of the word.

7. You can only make a challenge until either one of the following circumstances applies:

a. 10 moves (not just posts) have been made,
b. 6 hours have passed and 6 moves (not just posts) have been made.

Note that 'moves' does not necessarily mean valid words.
In the event of a successful challenge, play continues from the most recently played valid word before the challenged word.

8. No gratuitous swearing

9. No repetitions of words used earlier in the same game.

10. If the previous move was to change a letter you may not change the same letter again.

11. Each word must have a different meaning from the previous word -- any change which merely makes another form (such as pluralisation, tense change, alternative spelling and the like) of the previous word is illegal. e.g. rule -> ruled, steps -> step, needs -> needy, tires -> tyres etc. are all wrong.

Alternative meanings do not affect this rule -- just because 'wake' can also mean a duck's trail does not mean that you can link it to 'waken'.

This rule only applies to direct links -- e.g. 'rule' and 'ruled' can be played in the same game as long as one is not directly linked to the other.

12. Starting a game with an unlinkable word is illegal.

13. If a word has more then one meaning than as long as one of them is valid then the word itself is valid. The exception to this is in rule 11.

14. There should be no dictionary use at all except for checking challenges.

15. No player shall make consecutive moves. Consecutive moves with aliases will be stamped on from a great height.

16. The winner is the first player to play a legal word which cannot be linked to.

After claiming a word as a winner, give some time to allow people to continue the game, or agree with you.

If you believe a word to be a winner, please use the word "winner" in your post.


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I'll start:



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too late err skimp


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win hahahah


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mcw82 wrote:
can't have this....back to swim.....


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wag Razz


19.07.2006, 19:08 quote




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Damn I didn't want to but rather than wag we have to have


(as in - A tangle or mass, especially of rough matted hair. )


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lol stag


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