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13.07.2009, 18:09 quote


mirrorpool wrote:
There are quite a lot of men who have incestuous relationship fantasies. They would like to 'role play' as mother and son 'crossing the line' with intimacy.

From my perspective, if a younger guy even looked remotely like my son it would be a deff no no from me. As I've said on other threads, I DO like younger men but I wouldn't like to feel like a guy's mum OR daughter the qualities I like in younger men are more about 'energy and creativity of thought'..... that zest for living that so many people seem to lose as they go through life.

Eww yeah that sort of thing is wayyyyyy to weird Vomit


22.07.2009, 18:09 quote


handsel wrote:

(Do this mean I is a pervert?)

Sadly not Handsel, please try again!

mirrorpool wrote:
I must say, I did think people might be a little more open, even if it was just what they'd heard from other people.....I mean the fishnet stockings were in the other thread, but surely there's a whole fantasy scenario surrounding that

Indeed, fishnets with black leather boots, knee high or above, a set of handcuffs, a neck collar and an open mind Razz


23.07.2009, 08:53 quote


Indeed Sue, dressing up is fun! Razz


24.07.2009, 07:23 quote


jemima78 wrote:
A man once told me that he liked to be told he had a small willy that wouldn't satisfy anyone. He also liked to have a knife pointed at him and told that the person they were having love with had killed her exes and would kill him

Lol humiliation is a common fantasy as is being forced. The threat of murder is extreme but if nobody gets hurt by them acting that out and it stays as just a role play then I don't see why that should bother anybody else just because it is not the kind of thing they would personally enjoy.

So did you end up doing that role play for him? Laughing


04.01.2010, 20:30 quote


i like roleplay and dressing up. i hate boring straightforward love. i love being in control. I THINK I LOVRE INFECTIOUSVIRUS

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