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08.11.2008, 15:28 quote


Deliberate, not an accident. Evil or Very Mad

My partner of the time was a very violent man, dont ask me why I was with him, I was young and its a long story ok?
I was ummm giving him fallatio, my teeth accidentally scraped him so he whacked me very hard around the ear. I fell and broke a rib on the edge of the coffee table and twisted a neck vertabrae out of line.
Oh yeah, he was wearing a ring so I had stitches and my hair shaved off behind my ear.
When I went to hospital, he made me say I'd fallen down the stairs.


08.11.2008, 16:51 quote


I remember having the most awful carpet burns on my back, but that was a long time i stick to the bed!!
And an old boyfriend and i once did it in the woods somewhere on the island by a river and the next day i was covered in hundreds of midgy bites. Confused

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