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10.12.2007, 17:26 quote


Me Very Happy


12.12.2007, 14:36 quote


Heehee, my first thought was "me" too but that was sheer sarcasm so didnt dare post it. Razz
HHhmmm, this is a toughy, I would definitely go with Mother Theresa but she's not around any more and wouldn't really be classed as a 'celebrity' here, so at the moment I'm going for Angelina Joli.
But no doubt soon enough I will be reading about some other amazing woman!


12.12.2007, 14:52 quote


Since I can't actually decide what the 'best woman in the world' is supposed to mean, I'll opt for an actresss (since this is the Celebrity forum).

Jenny Agutter

If this turns into a lustful thread (i.e. all the blokes choosing a woman 'celebrity' that they fancy the most), I'm quite partial to musician Nicky Mehta


02.01.2008, 20:46 quote


I'm still voting ME!!!! Wink


02.01.2008, 21:15 quote


Well id vote for you 2 cheeky but at this precise moment it has to be my all time female woman crush Monica Belluchi.


19.01.2009, 00:44 quote


i say kat deluna


10.08.2012, 11:15 quote


The one you choose to marry.

OK, you may or may not have regrets later but at the time she was the best or you wouldn't marry her.

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