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10.10.2007, 08:24 quote


Bliss had a photo up a while ago where she looked like Mila Kunis.

She was also lay on her back so it was a great pic Twisted Evil


14.02.2008, 00:05 quote


ive had a few people tell me i look like adam sandler,jason biggs and james nesbitt


14.02.2008, 00:19 quote


LittleVixen wrote:
I've been told quite a few times that I look like Fren Britton. Confused

i can see that Smile


14.02.2008, 00:46 quote


PasleptSiekare wrote:
I was once told by a drunken person that I look like Julia Stiles (save the last dance, 10 things I hate about you..). Confused definately not true!

By somebody else that I look like Gillian Anderson(bleak house, x-files..) somebody else..That I look like Kelly Macdonald(trainspotting) Razz

Not understanding any of them..but there you go Laughing

i would take gillian anderson as a compliment


14.02.2008, 00:56 quote


yeah but shes stunning


14.02.2008, 01:09 quote


oh yeah - i fancied like mad years ago


14.02.2008, 01:33 quote




14.02.2008, 01:40 quote


oh rite well i have a new celeb crush - elaine paige fi juno and x men film


14.02.2008, 01:46 quote


I look like no celeb. Surprised Crying or Very sad


14.02.2008, 19:07 quote


Susies not a celeb (well not that i know of) but my kids think i look like her Laughing


15.02.2008, 15:58 quote


not at all Susie Razz


13.03.2008, 22:05 quote


I have been trying to work that out all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew who it was but couldn't think of her name..........

But you do look like her tho


11.07.2008, 09:28 quote


LittleVixen wrote:
Laura your sister is stunning & has the most beautiful eyes Very Happy

C'mon, Laura is very attractive too! Very Happy


11.07.2008, 12:08 quote


Don't be embarrassed Laura... You are the better looking sister. Very Happy


11.07.2008, 12:51 quote


I would say that - sorry!

I say that about my brother, I think he is better looking than me, but that's not how other people see it!

Sorry Laura, you are nice looking. And nicer looking than your sister in my humble opinion.


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