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17.09.2008, 23:05 quote


Some don't deserve it, they just get it.
So blame the people who watch Big Brother and buy Hello! magazine. Twisted Evil


17.09.2008, 23:13 quote


I don't have an aerial so dont watch television, so i'm just guessing!


18.09.2008, 17:34 quote


I guess u4ric it depends on whether gigm is seeing a difference between notoriety and fame.
Hitler certainly deserved his notoriety, just as einstein deserved to be famed for the good he did.
In that sense, both got the limelight, so maybe 'celebrity' wasnt the word gigm was meaning in the first place?
"Celebrity" is certainly not a word i would use for Hitler, for a start!
I myself assumed he meant 'celebrity' as in the people on big brother etc. but perhaps not?
I can think of lots of 'celebrities' that *do* deserve it, clint eastwood is a damn fine actor, as is quite a few others, and he 'deserves' to get his name in magazines surely?


18.09.2008, 17:35 quote


Perhaps gigm will define for us what he feels constitutes a "modern celebrity"?
Give us some examples please.

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