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21.02.2008, 22:35 quote


Paul Gascoigne was detained under the Mental Health Act after grabbing a hotel porter by the throat, it emerged last night.

He is now receiving medical treatment following the incident in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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Its not right to laugh at the mentally ill but this bit made me laugh, sorry i couldnt help it....


He had been walking around the hotel with three battery-operated plastic parrots under his arms, ordering plates of raw liver - saying it's "good for his blood" - and answering the door of his seventh-floor suite naked, say staff



22.02.2008, 09:04 quote


Have to admit that made me chuckle


22.02.2008, 11:18 quote


Surely he should have been detained and assesed years ago? Confused

I mean, the man signed for Rangers for crying out loud Laughing Laughing

(Hides from Cazz) Laughing


22.02.2008, 11:23 quote


i think the raw liver is somehow symbolic, because if he carries on drinking the way he is he is likely to need a liver transplant anyway!


24.02.2008, 22:59 quote


im sick of reading all the well wishers wanting to offer help. fact is just cos he was a genius on the park it cant excuse his behaviour off it (lamping his wife,sectarian gestures ect ect)i for one dont wish any bad health to the man i just think people like gazza britney amy should be left to it.


24.02.2008, 23:14 quote


You don't have to worry about Brittany Spears any more, she's been staying at mine for the last couple of days, and for the first time in years she is happy, content, and walking like a cow-boy.........

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