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06.03.2009, 08:09 quote


I totally agree with you and I for one will be at the O2 no matter what the cost.
The man is a LEGEND!!!!!!


08.03.2009, 21:20 quote


And every time someone buys a band's album they are funding their next drug fix/alcohol problem/bulimiac binge/excessive fleet of cars/too many shoes/whatever's not perfect-according-to-you in their lives.
Would you refuse to buy a movie with pamela anderson in it in case she spends the dosh on a new pair of boobs? Laughing
And no, we don't all 'know he did it' - that's why he was found innocent. If he was guilty without doubt, he would have been found guilty.
Simple as.


09.03.2009, 00:17 quote


Scott, we wouldnt want a post from someone with no personality and moodless now would we? How boring would that be?

And thankee kindly bbones, you've made my day! Very Happy


26.06.2009, 10:31 quote


I dont really have any feeling about it as such, except shocked at his age.
I see that creepy bastard Uri Geller is out of the woodwork again though....I wonder how long it will be for the book to be written and published...well you cant bend spoons for the rest of your life Uri...

Rolling Eyes


26.06.2009, 12:57 quote


CMISO wrote:
When did Uri last bend spoons anyway?

I bet he bends one a day just so that he doesn't lose the power of being a....bender Laughing


26.06.2009, 23:43 quote


hiddenxlust wrote:
CMISO wrote:
When did Uri last bend spoons anyway?

Too late for one of Jacko's songs to make number one this week?

Can be sure they will get a real boost in the charts for some time.

They will do the same like they did for Elvis's anniversary......

Re-release all the songs one by one Rolling Eyes

Laura, you should be working at a record company, with sales ideas like that you will go very far Laughing

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