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14.01.2010, 19:22 quote


gj458 wrote:

Im guessing thats not in liverpool katie, where was it?

was taken on holiday in tenerife last febuary wish i was back there now


17.02.2010, 11:18 quote


my boobies just for bliss to cheer her up out of the blues


01.03.2010, 10:57 quote


i would but my boobies are too shy they are still blushing from the last time


02.03.2010, 18:29 quote


no boobies for you stu HA


30.03.2010, 21:43 quote


this boobie thread has been lacking in recent days needs a bit of a boobie boost


06.06.2010, 19:41 quote


ha i missed a night out the other day because i was still hungover from the night before and i get a text off my mate saying look what your missing and a pic of another friends boobs was kinda gutted i didnt go out


15.11.2010, 22:06 quote


s6boystu wrote:
wtf was this thread, THE best thread in the world, EVER doing, half way down the bloody page ? !

someone get ya tits out, before i have to get mine out again. Laughing

everyones gone all shy maybe you need to get yours out to get the ball rolling


28.03.2012, 05:25 quote


I've got her so totally covered. Get your training bra out girl.


05.06.2012, 17:54 quote


would you guys agree that no boob is a bad boob Smile


14.07.2012, 05:27 quote


My attitude has always been that C++ is a programming language, not a breast size preference. Smaller is better, a nice B cup will often stay firm well into your 40's. A cup size of D or larger will sag so badly that you'll be tucking them into your waistband before long.

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