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I think I can - I discovered that he was living with someone else, they'd bought a house and everything.

I confronted him and he claimed that he'd bought the house together with his mother! I had proof that he'd bought it was another woman who he was living with! Men can be such idiots when they lie!

I'd been going out with him for 8 years at that stage - really messed up my final exams at the time and my trust for men! Confused


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Yes thanks, it was years ago - he's married now to someone else.

I used to do business with him for quite a few years afterwards, I was determined to continue seeing him (not in a relationship sense) until it no longer hurt. And one day we were in a pub and he was going to fetch me a drink and I was watching him and I thought ... "nothing, I don't feel anything anymore" Very Happy and that was it - I was over him and I stopped working with him (I owned a head-hunting consultancy and supplied staff for him)and never contacted him again!

How are you doing? It's not easy at first, but as they say - time is indeed a great healer.

We all cope differently.

Despite what we think after being treated like dirt, they are special people out there. Wink


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I just got dumped by my boyfriend of two years. We have one son already and im pregnany with the second lol He dumpde me for a thinner girl. I wasnt good enough for him. Happy new year lol

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