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yfronts wrote:
I thinks that the younger bitches hav a desire for us older grown ups cos we is lots smarter than all the younger RUGRATS who populate this wurld.
THe WURD ON THE STREET is that if ya train them hoes to do all the cleanin and housewurk and rudey stuff whilst they is young, then they shud wurship us men for ALL TIME ...

Notice that the OP said MATURE men, maybe you should wait until you are out of your early teens before answering this.

I really think it's a matter of x, believe it or not. Many older men are still very active sexually than older women and yes, I am speaking from experience. While I enjoy a nice cuddle while we watch a movie, nothing beats a long bout of bedroom olympics.

Not sure why younger men like older women but I must admit to finding a few older women very attractive when I was in my late teens and up to my late 20's. That changed when I started dating older women in my late 30's and up and finding their x drive had somewhat diminished compared to the younger girls I'd dated. There are exceptions of course.

I dated a 25 year old when I was 46 and a great deal of that time was spent in bed, her choice more than mine but I was definitely not complaining.


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Personally, I'm not at all fussy, but do carry out checks for a pulse and a driving licence. Wink

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