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How can a single word (love) to be seen inside the whole other words around it , people don't care any more about love ,why ? they're afraid ?... from what ? ...
I'll talk about my experience , i live inside a country where the love is absolutly forbidden , if you want to make a relationship with a girl you must keep it secret , hide and make sure no one know you or know her see you , don't have love with her cause you'll get in jail for 4 years , in the chat of this website i've found no one serious , everybody only care about seen a girl naked in the webcam , what the hell is that ? , other girls use this website to take a guy's credit card's code , and she say "trust me baby" , is those people without a heart , they don't know what "trust" meen or what ? if i gived you my "trust" you must keep it safe and don't use it as a weapon against me , i meen why people do that in other country when they can live the love , you're totaly free you can walk with your girlfriend you can sleep with her you can call her to come to your home , other can't do that , i can't do that , i lost my girlfriend wanna know why ? , cause her parents knew about us and they locked her in a room and until now i heared nothing about her , i don't know even if she stay alive or not cause people here can kill their's own sons and daughters as a sacrifice for god , if you have the posibility to live the love why you wist it ? the time is not going yet , you can fix yourself , but i can't fix the whole country , you must always remember that their's some one who CAN'T even live in a bit of freedom from the one you have ,and remember without love , why we call ourselfs humains ? free love ? i know that only the animals do that , eating others fresh meat ? animals do that , so please if you do one of those things don't call yourself a humain


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i said don't call yourself a humain if you eat an other humain fresh meat , i meen if you steal from him or lie to him or cheat him


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missjb wrote:
Theres countries where love is forbidden????

Id suggest moving mate!

Aside from that, Im confused!!!

Exactly what I thought too. Laughing


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Well for the one who asking my country is morocco , the country's religion is islam , how people get marryed here is the funnt thing , when the man want to marry he ask he's parents they seach a woman to him she must be religiouse , she don't get out of home , she wear (hijab) , she talk to no one ... then they go to her parents they ask her hand , if the parents accept the girl have nothing to say , even she never saw him or tolk to him , then he marry her , and she must be a virgin cause if she's not , she's dead , i know a girl who was a virgin and she married , but the she did't bleed , her husband hited her they got to her parents and he told them "you gived me a shit i need my money back " oh yeah he have to pay befor he marry her , like buying a sheep , then her parents hited her too and they asked her to leave the house , now she work as a whore , welcome to the country of freedom and peace folks


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LittleVixen wrote:
Religion has a lot to answer to but you have to respect others faith & family values

Do I? I don't think I do. Especially if that religion seeks to hide or cover up the abuse of human beings which stem from the unequal doctrine of that religion. I know much abuse exists outside of religion too, but in my opinion certain religions seek to cover it up and some actually secretly seem to encourage it or act as a vehicle for it. So, no, I don't have to respect other peoples faiths if I feel that they are against my own human principles.

Not having a go at you LV but had enough of being told to respect religions which do not respect the human race in the first place. I can't stand religion, its a load bollocks. I read too many stories and saw too many photos of rape, murder, butchery and torture during my work at the Home Office to respect any religion anymore.


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my country's religion , not mine , ask for "jihad" that meen killing any unberliver "any one not muslim" and any one left the islam like me , now i should be dead , and any one had love with some one that's not he's wife or her husband , this religion is realy weird , i meen the god say 'muslims must respect other religions" and after that he say "i give you power to terror the unbelivers" i meen what's that , do that and don't do it , what people will do , now i lost everything , my dreams , my futur , even the girl i loved : ) , and soon i'll lose my life , i'am not scared , dying is better than living like that , all what i want is just sending a little message from a dead man to the livings , please , my last wish is , you're free guys and girls , you can do what i always dreamed to do , you can wear what ever you want have your hairstyle , if you saw me in the pic that don't meen i go out like that , i just weared like that to take a pic that's all , they will kill me if i got out like that , you have everything i dreamed to live , why you wist it , why you lie and cheat and steal and kill , i want nothing , no gold no money nothing , i just want the best for the world , and for you speacialy , any one living freedom , just live in peace between you , you can do it , just let the love get in your hearts , i love you all

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