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08.06.2010, 18:08 quote


Depends what you compliment her on.....if you compliment her on her cooking then it doesn't mean you want love

However, complimenting her on her fabulous arse and it might just mean you want love Laughing


10.06.2010, 16:37 quote


manfromslough wrote:
So if you told her she had a nice smile or that she looked good for her age etc.... they would take that as I want love?

If a woman is above 30 then you dont even wanna be mentioning her age, but even worse if you tell her she looks good for her age as that suggests she is older than she looks and I doubt she would want to be remined of her age lol
Probably best to just comment on how good she looks, but I think even then, complimenting a woman on her attractiveness might indicate that you are interested, but depending upon her past experiences, you may or may not be only after love Laughing

Of course this is all just generalization, but unfortunately, most of us are open to a bit of unconscious generalization when meeting people for the first time, even those who claim not to be Very Happy

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