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24.06.2010, 19:53 quote


If he loves you, he would leave his girlfriend for you, provided that is what you want from him. If you love him you need to tell him. You need to be explicit with him about what you want from him and see what happens. If you want him to yourself then ask him to leave his girlfriend for you. If he says he wont do that then he either doesn't really love you in THAT way or perhaps he is a Polygamist? Either way, it sounds like you need to clarify with him what YOU want and establish whether or not he is going to be able to provide you with that.


18.09.2010, 23:18 quote


This is my opinion so you don't have to let it influence you as I know how difficult it is to stand strong against someone you love/fancy/have a crush on for your own good but never date a guy who has a girlfriend..he must have mental problems and his relationship with his other girlfriend must have serious problems. You don't want to be pulled into his shit because you think he loves you! Move on with your life and enjoy! x

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