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Hi Holly, how long did you know this guy before you decided to leave everything you knew and go to live with him? Was going to live with him an excuse to leave behand a crappy life?
Personally i think your family and friends treated you VERY badly. Your friends cheated on you so were they really friends, i guess not! and as for your family being off with you i think they should be really happy that you are back in their lives or are you not close?


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Hmmmm! thats a long time to know someone in this day and age,Sorry it didnt work for you but there is someone special just waiting for you.If you dont take the chance then youll never know and you took the chance, but unfortunately it wasnt to be...The positive here is you realised this guy wasnt right for you before you had children to him.I suppose your room in your parents has been turned into a sewing room or something mad like that lol.

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