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Hey - that's sad, sorry to hear about your situation.

I reckon that we've all been through break-ups where we've been badly hurt, whether it's been with a man or a woman.

As they always say, time is a great healer and though that seems a trite saying at this time, time is the only way that you do get over it.

It's like experiencing a death, the first step to acceptance is anger, then there's the sadness - both of those are necessary. For the first while you're going to wake up feeling like you've been kicked in the stomach, that's just awful, but you've got to go through it, no-one else can do that hurting for you.

My only advice to you is that when someone does that to you - they're just not worth it, they never were and they didn't love you to begin with. You just have to force yourself to get over them and whatever you do - don't waste your time in hanging onto them.

I made the mistake of hanging onto a guy who had dropped me after 8 years, he'd cheated on me with another woman and I was so in love with him and so determined that he should love me too that I continued to sleep with him for another 2 years. What an idiot I was - how much time I wasted!

Don't waste your time doing that - rather face the fact that she has treated you badly now and try to get your life sorted without her.

Hang in there - one day you'll just feel better.

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